Terms of use

Thank you for choosing us to serve you. Please read the terms and conditions carefully and maintain those. You can contact us if necessary. The following terms and conditions are part of all agreements entered into by GRABSOCIALER.

Terms acceptance

The agreement entails the complete terms and policies that will be applied on user’s use of our website. The user before using any part or content of site or accessing the site is bound to agree to all the terms and conditions. And modifications can be made from time to time without any specific notice to the user. The latest agreement can be sited by users in the agreement updated and posted. So it is mandatory to check the agreement once before using the site and the services or applications.


Grabsocialer provides its users a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to access the site. If user agrees to comply with all laws, statutes and regulations then the user can use our site for personal use. The user has to pay our service fees in accordance to subscribe our service. We charge onetime fee but if you want more than you can pay for it. If user decide to subscribe our monthly package invoice will be generated automatically every month. Monthly subscription you can cancel anytime. The fees can be updated and changed from time to time by our management. The user will get all the fees as an invoice in advance in a monthly basis. And the fees those will remain unpaid will be levied by finance charge of the maximum permitted by law and all expenses of collection. All the taxes will be paid by the user.

Rules to follow for users

1. The users are allowed to create and provide social applications for their end users or customers in their own website or app.

2. If you want to try our service you have to provide us your Social user name/ URL on which you want your service to be delivered.

3. Although the user is not able to form legally binding contracts but the user is using our site, services or applications.

4. We don’t accept any adult content.

5. Refund can be issue only if we unable to deliver our service. You can talk with our team regarding refund if you want.

6. Once work is started we cannot issue refund. So please make sure if you want refund contact us before order start.

7. When as a business entity or an individual if you are planning to buy our social media marketing service, you are likely to spend less amount of time going through the terms or conditions. You may find it to be a lengthy process, but the fact of the matter is that you need to be really aware of what you have signed it for in the first place.

8. What rights have been presented to you and what steps you can take with regards to your end if things do not proceed in the right direction is the key point of consideration.