About Us

Grabsocialer is a company in the world of social media where it concentrates upon services adjoined with online promotion of best quality. We offer this in very affordable price so that any individual can afford it easily. We focus the service fully on putting your company in a better position by tapping into the two-way conversation which happens naturally between you and your customers. The service is so designed that it basically shows where people are talking about you.

We also help you to choose the area where you should get involved in business. And the services followed by providing tactics which will help you to increase your brand name value. In addition we create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for business. Relevant social media marketing services are used in the procedure to help businesses to grow and meet their goals.

Or services also help you to do business in calculative manner saving more time and besides generating more results. Complete competitive analyses with custom-built interactive startegies are provided by our team which will teach you how to take advantages of the social web. This will drive visitors to your site very easily. Our offerings are:

  • • Creating social media marketing strategy
  • • Innovating implementation guidelines
  • • Recommend softwares those are needed for business
  • • Social media audit
  • • Competitive analysis to enlarge the business strategy and zone
  • • Creation of social profile
  • • Creating badge and strategy
  • • Development of widget strategy
  • • Blog design, setup and optimization
  • • Blog strategy development
  • • Community building strategy development
  • • Community monitoring
  • • New hire reviews
  • Thus we help business market to be more effective on social media but in affordable rate. The internet is one of the most powerful tool to build name recognition and driving more consumers to your business. Online marketing is very essential for success though your company has a brick-mortar location.

    We focus on companies that are engaged with various services of industries and serve a large number people no matter what kind of business you want. Keeping an eye on your competition is a good habit which pinpoints where your business fits in the marketplace and how much potential you have to compete with others. We analyse the competition and their impact on your business. After that we frame a goal by using competitor analysis and finds up gaps in the market where your company can capitalize on.

    The concept of a social brand has evolved leaps and bounds where a personal brand is considered more of a public image. Each one of us like to share their personal information on the public network and there is a full generation of the young crop waiting in the wings who cannot expect their life without smart phones. This entire process of transition is a truck and first it was children who were spending a lot of time on the social media, then it moved over to the adults and now businesses are cashing on this concept.